10 Fun Things You Never Knew About Plastic Materials

You come into contact with products made from plastic materials every day. There's the case that protects your phone, your computer keyboard, children's toys, product packaging and dishware. Why are plastics so popular these days? For starters, they are low cost when compared to most other materials.  Plastics are also very versatile, easy-to-manufacture materials. Most consumers take plastics for granted – and that's somewhat unfortunate, as plastics are cool, unique materials – and new plastics are constantly being developed. Read more

How to Choose the Best Plastic Manufacturing Supplier

Plastics are greatly in demand nowadays.  Many industries, including medical, aerospace, marine, and construction may use plastic components or even raw plastic resins in the manufacture of their products.  In order to ensure a steady supply source, it is important to cultivate a strong relationship with a competent plastic manufacturer.  If you are a purchaser, you probably understand well the importance of securing high quality product in a timely and cost efficient manner.Read more

Put Down That Glue! 10 Powerful Plastic Welding Techniques

A lot of our readers are interested in learning about the sometimes-tricky world of plastic adhesives and plastic welding.  While picking the right plastic adhesive can make you wish you’d majored in chemistry, welding is arguably the better method for fusing two plastic components.  It tends to be more effective than using glue and can be done quickly and cheaply if you have the right tools. 
There are so many plastic welding techniques that I couldn’t even fit them all in this article. Read more

Why the Aerospace Industry Loves Plastic Materials

Commercial flights would be a lot more expensive and modern warfare jets would pose less threat to the enemy without plastic materials. Since 1970, the use of aerospace plastics has quadrupled.  Interior components (like overhead bins), components for navigational and propulsion functions, and structural elements can all be made out of plastic components.  Military aircraft also benefit from the use of plastics. They make aircraft lighter, which extends flight range and helps the jet to evade radar detection. Read more

Top 5 Reasons for Using ECTFE (Halar®) in Corrosive Environments

Ethyelene Chlorotrifluoroethylene, marketed and sold under the trademark name Halar® ECTFE, is a fluorinated plastic. Developed for chemical resistance in corrosive applications and introduced in 1970, this polymer is used in many industries requiring resistance to corrosion.  Here are the top 5 reasons why!
1)      Physical and Chemical Properties
ECTFE has an operating range of -105 °F to 300 °F and has good fire resistance. … Read more