Buzzwords, De-buzzed: 10 Plastic Manufacturing Terms

For non-engineers, plastic manufacturing terms can be confusing.  Plastics are popular because of their diverse useful properties. Plastic fasteners and components are used in many different industries including boating, aerospace, military, OEM, automotive, semiconductor, and many more.  Plastic material properties vary widely even from one grade to another of the same plastic.  There are plastic … Read more

Bees Shop for Plastic Hardware

If you are shopping for plastic hardware for your business, you might be surprised to learn that urban bees are also now using plastic to build their hives. We often talk about the wide use of plastic in modern life and how plastic can be environmentally friendly on the blog. Even knowing how widely used … Read more

Plastic Engineering Wins Big at Sochi

Where would modern-day sports event like the Winter Olympics be without plastic engineering?  The engineers who work hard to develop high performance plastics have made some pretty amazing athletic feats possible. For example, run times for skiers were a lot slower back when only wooden skis were available.  We’ve compiled a list of elements of … Read more

6 Types of Glue for Plastic

In searching for the best glue for plastic, it’s easy to be confused by the many different types of glues on the market.  All adhesives are similar in that they establish a chemical bond between two surfaces.  Yet, all the different types of glue for plastic work in slightly different ways.  To help you make … Read more

Where Would the Super Bowl Be Without Plastic?

Plastic fasteners…they may be small but they’re everywhere!  One of my favorite things about this industry is that although plastic fasteners are perhaps not the most exciting or impressive product, they play an indispensable role in almost every area of modern life.   Where would airplanes, cars, computers, and roller coasters be without plastic?  For that … Read more