As you already know, early Tuesday morning the federal government shut down for the first time since 1996.  Many important government-funded institutions were all but shut come Tuesday morning, with their staff greatly reduced.  Many important government agencies have had to cease their services until further notice.  For a full list of departments affected by the shutdown, please visit this helpful website.

Here in New York, we were particularly saddened to see the Statue of Liberty, an incredible symbol of freedom the world over, closed until further notice.

As businessmen and women, our thoughts inevitably turn to the stock market and to the effect that this shutdown will have on our economy and on our businesses.  Many of you may depend on government institutes for some or all of your business.  Even without government contracts, it’s hard not to feel the effects of a stock market reeling from the political wrangling of Congress.

It doesn’t matter whether you blame the House Republicans, the Senate Democrats, or the office of the President.  We can all agree that the shutdown of the government is already having real consequences on our society and economy. 

But what can we do about it?  One of the most frustrating elements of this government shutdown is our utter helplessness as common citizens as we watch our representatives go to bat.  Don’t they understand how hard businesses have worked to stay afloat during the tough economic times of the past few years?

There have been 18 government shutdowns starting in 1976.  Craftech has been around to see every single one.  We know only one way to overcome the hurtles our own government puts in our path and that way is to keep doing business.  So, while the government is shutdown, Craftech is not.  We will keep working just as we know that you will keep working.  Let’s all show the Congress that we will keep working to build industry and the economy no matter what they do. 


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