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3 Top Reasons There is a Shortage of Nylon 6/6

Worldwide Shortage of Nylon 6/6

There is currently a worldwide shortage of nylon 6/6 largely due to shortages of the key precursor adriponitrile or ADN. Nylon 6/6 is used extensively to make automotive parts, as well as cable ties, power tools, nylons, fabric, fasteners and is used in numerous industrial applications. Nylon 6/6 provides the best mix of processability, performance and value for the price.
Damage to ADN Processing Plants

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PEEK Custom Parts, PEEK Screws and other PEEK Fasteners

This post is about PEEK plastic, a high performance material (polyetherertherketon. what industries is is often used in and why.

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Beam Clamps and Pipe Hangers

How Plastics Wear Against Metal

In tests mating thermoplastic composites and AISI 1141 cold-rolled steel counter-faces, the highest composite wear factors (greatest wear) resulted with the smoothest range (8-12 µin.) of metal surface finishes.  This result, contrary to what might be expected intuitively, is attributed to the adhesion-and-deformation friction mechanism of metal/plastic combinations.  The 12 to 16 µin. range yielded the lowest wear factors, and the 50 to 70 µin. surface-finish range generally produced intermediate wear-factors for most composites (un-reinforced formulations were exceptions).…

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