Top Four Grades of PEEK

The four top grades of PEEK are: unfilled, 30% glass-filled, 30% carbon-filled, and 20% PTFE and graphite filled. These materials are manufactered into fasteners and components such as bearings, screws, flat washers, hex nuts, gears, and medical components in addition to many custom shapes. The properties of each and the industries they are used in are discussed below.
Of the top four grades of PEEK, unfilled-PEEK  (polyetheretherketone) is the most common grade.  It is a semi-crystalline polymer.  … Read more

PEEK Fasteners and Custom Parts

Nylon Fasteners: Hex Nuts, Hex Head Cap Screws, Flat Washers, Spacers, and Standoffs

Nylon  Fasteners

Nylon is used to make plastic fasteners such as nylon screws, hex nuts, hex head cap screws, flat washers and cable ties. This material is also used for printed circuit board hardware, automotive parts and fabrics. In this blog we will discuss nylon 6/6 fasteners.

Development of Nylon 
Nylon was first developed in the late 1930’s by Wallace Carothers at DuPont.Read more

nylon 6/6 fasteners

Semitron® MPR1000 for the Semiconductor Industry

Semitron® MPR1000 is a new engineering material developed by Mitsuibishi Chemical Advanced Materials for semiconductor applications. MPR stands for maximum plasma resistance. It is intended for use in vacuum plasma chambers to replace ceramics and quartz for ICU production.  Ceramics are more expensive and quartz is prone to break. It also performs better in this application than PEEK, PAI such as Torlon® or polyimide thermoplastics.  For example MRP1000 has an increased life in plasma chambers of up to 25X in ozone than polyimides such as Vespel®. … Read more

Semitron® MPR100 Sheet and Bar

PEEK Custom Parts and PEEK Fasteners

PEEK custom parts and PEEK fasteners such as screws, hex heads, hex nuts, set screws, flat washers and threaded studs are used in a wide range of industries.These include semiconductor manufacturing equipment, oil and gas, telecommunications,  medical equipment and medical parts for implantation in the human body.  It is also used widely in the semiconductor equipment manufacturing industry, and the electronics and  food processing industries. PEEK stands for polyetheretherketone.
Properties of Polyetheretherketone
Excellent chemical resistance
Excellent insulating properties (dielectric properties/nonconducting)
Low out-gassing
94 V-0 flammability rating
High purity
Excellent hydrolysis resistance. … Read more

PEEK Screws and Custom Parts

TORLON® Polyamide-imide

TORLON®, Polyamide-imide (PAI)

TORLON® is the Solvay brand name for polyamide-imide or PAI.  It can be machined into custom parts, screws and other fasteners including hex nuts. set screws, hex head cap screws and threaded studs. Polyamide-imides demonstrate exceptional mechanical, thermal and chemical resistance properties making them well suited to severe environmental service.
High Heat Performance
Torlon®, polyamide-imide have exceptionally high heat performance with a continuous service temperature of 260°C or 500°F and are inherently flame resistant. … Read more

Torlon® PAI Custom Parts