Isoplast® 40% long glass TPU: Hex Head Cap Screws, Hex Nuts and Custom Parts

Isoplast® 40% long glass TPU is an injection molding grade of thermoplastic polyurethane. It is a rigid thermoplastic polyurethane and is used to make fasteners such as hex head cap screws, flanged hex head cap screws and hex nuts as well as many custom products. The color of the natural material is off-white. It is also commonly dyed dark gray. It is one of the strongest plastic materials available.  Isoplast® 40% long glass TPU has replaced steel in some applications.  … Read more

Isoplast® 40% long glass TPU

Ultem® PEI (polyetherimide): Custom Parts and Fasteners

Ultem® PEI is a semi-transparent high temperature plastic.It is used to make custom parts as well as fasteners such as screws, hex nuts, washers, threaded studs and spacers. It can be both molded and machined. Ultem® hardware is also available in glass-filled grades for enhanced strength and
stiffness. (Glass-filled grades are opaque.)
Ultem® PEI Properties:
It is an amorphous plastic. Therefore it has a molecular structure that lacks a continuous repeating form.
Ultem® PEI has no definite melting point. … Read more

3 Top Reasons There is a Shortage of Nylon 6/6

Worldwide Shortage of Nylon 6/6
Currently, there is  a shortage of nylon 6/6 worldwide.  This is because there is a shortage of the key precursor adriponitrile or ADN. Nylon 6/6 is used extensively to make automotive parts, as well as cable ties, power tools, nylons, fabric, fasteners and is used in numerous industrial applications. Nylon 6/6 provides the best mix of process-ability, performance and value for the price for these applications.
Damage to ADN Processing Plants
Firstly, … Read more

Nylon 6/6 dowel pins

History of the Screw

No Historic Evidence for When the First Screw Was Made
We do not have historic evidence to show when the screw was first developed. However,  it is believed that by at last the first century it was used in a screw press. But we also believe that screw presses were used in Roman times to squeeze olives for oil and grapes for wine.  Archytas of Tarrentum is credited by the Greeks with the invention of the first screw.  … Read more

An Ancient Olive Press