How to Buy Plastic Parts: The Ultimate Checklist

How to Buy Plastic Parts

Most of the world’s fasteners are produced from metal, but many users have switched to plastic as a better material for their application.  If you’re considering plastic fasteners there are several pieces of information you’ll want to have to insure that you end up with what you need.
What Are The Options?
Many prospective customers contact Craftech for help in determining what options would best suit their applications.  … Read more

Several types of plastic parts.


Factors to Consider When Choosing the Right Material for Your Product
Much of the prolific growth in the plastic industry over the past several decades has been fueled by the replacement of metal products and components. Examples are numerous, and include canoes, airplane parts, medical implants, missile components, gas cans, and car parts. Along the way, many designers have had to evaluate whether to use plastic or metal in their applications. Below are some of the considerations that may be helpful. … Read more

Metal tray versus a plastic tray

3D Printing vs. CNC Machining of Plastic Parts

3D Printing vs CNC Machining
The process of 3D Printing, also known as additive manufacturing, has now been developed for several materials including plastic and metal. This article will focus on 3D printing compared to CNC machining of plastic parts.
The 3D Printing process is an additive process during which layers of molten plastic are added until the part is completely formed.  These layers can often be noticed, and this can be an aesthetic issue. … Read more

Three D Printed Part

Injection Molding Tutorial: Videos

Every day of our lives, each of us is surrounded by plastic parts produced by the process of injection molding. Examples are everywhere, and include keyboards, tooth brushes, car components, toys, television components, make-up packaging and all kinds of products used in the medical industry. At Craftech Industries, we injection mold a large variety of plastic fasteners and custom parts. We uncovered a video by Bill Hammack at the University of Illinois which does a thorough job of explaining what injection molding is. … Read more