“Nylon fasteners, please, and make it a double!”

Oh, Nylon…the material of choice for so many.  Invented in the early 1930’s by chemical giant DuPont, this trusty polymer is still an outstanding material for a wide variety of applications.  Nylon is so well known that it tends to be the default choice for many first-time customers who are new to the vast world of plastics.  Although nylon may seem like a safe multipurpose material pick, one must always carefully consider the requirements of a project when choosing a material for plastic fasteners. … Read more

Hose fittings nyton

Top 5 Reasons to Use Plastic Marine Fasteners

Considering using plastic fasteners in your marine, aquaculture, and boating applications? Here are some reasons we’d take plastics over metals under water any day:
1) Got rust?
All metals except gold, platinum, and palladium will corrode. In wet and salty conditions, metal develops an iron oxide film (rust). Rust is active and accelerates corrosion, weakening the fastener.
2) Stainless steel isn’t stainless.
Stainless steel is created by adding chromium to regular steel. … Read more

screws in a arine environment