Manufacturing Trends: Robotics, Quality and Efficiency

The never-ending pursuit of higher levels of efficiency in manufacturing is leading to major advancements in production facilities all around the world. Expect to see further automation in manufacturing operations, more analytics, higher product quality and cleaner production floors. These trends are being driven by globalization, enhanced competition and rapidly advancing computer and robotic technology.

Versatile Robotics
Human and robot collaboration, energy efficiency and higher uptime for robotics are all trends expected to increase in 2016. … Read more

The Pros and Cons of Biodegradable Plastic

Biodegradable plastics have become more appealing in recent years as traditional consumer plastic products continue to choke landfills, negatively impacting the surrounding environment. Biodegradable plastics take between three and six months to decompose, which is a significant improvement over the hundreds of years most traditional plastics need. Biodegradable plastics are still in development and the current commercially available grades are far from perfect. Despite any drawbacks, scientists continue to develop and refine bioplastics because the potential benefits are hard to deny. … Read more

biodegradable plastics

Could Plant-Based Packaging Replace Plastic Bottles?

Working at a plastic manufacturing company, I’m familiar with the concerns many people have about the impact of plastic materials on the environment. The vast majority of polluting plastics are single-use, consumer products like takeout containers, plastic utensils, and plastic bottles. While plastic recycling rates continue to improve in the United States (by 4.3% in 2014), some companies are already looking for new methods of creating sustainability through the development of plant-based polymers. … Read more

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Plastic Products: Improving Safety in the Workplace

Plastic products are changing multiple facets of people’s lives, including safety in the workplace. From enhanced construction products and athletic equipment to safer auto parts and tabletops in hospitals, plastics are making a substantive change in workplace safety. Innovations in these arenas and others are expanding the applications of plastics and their contribution to sustainability.
Construction Products
According to The Plastic Industry Trade Association,Read more

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The Benefits of Fiber Reinforced Plastic vs. Traditional Materials

So what’s all the fuss about fiber reinforced plastic?  This material is having a big impact in a number of industries, from construction to waste water treatment to theme parks.  But how does it stack up when compared to more traditional materials like steel, aluminum, and timber?  Read on to find out!
1)      Fabrication and Design
The material allows for considerable flexibility in terms of design. Read more

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