Ultem® PEI (polyetherimide): Custom Parts and Fasteners

Ultem® PEI is a semi-transparent high temperature plastic.
It is used to make custom parts as well as fasteners such as screws, hex nuts,
washers, threaded studs and spacers. It can be both molded and machined. Ultem®
hardware is also available in glass-filled grades for enhanced strength and
stiffness. (Glass-filled grades are opaque.)

Ultem® PEI Properties:

It is an amorphous plastic. Therefore it has a molecular
structure that lacks a continuous repeating form.

Ultem® PEI has no definite melting point. … Read more

Why PEEK Material is at the Top of Its Class

PEEK Material
PEEK is one of the most popular high performance plastic materials currently on the market.  But what makes PEEK such a dynamic material?
PEEK or Polyetheretherketone refers to a semi-crystalline organic polymer thermoplastic exhibiting a highly stable chemical structure. That gives it an edge over other materials. It is a member of the Polyaryletherketone or PAEK polymer group. There are exclusive PEEK properties which make this material find numerous applications in various industries. … Read more

3 Top Reasons There is a Shortage of Nylon 6/6

Worldwide Shortage of Nylon 6/6
Currently, there is  a shortage of nylon 6/6 worldwide.  This is because there is a shortage of the key precursor adriponitrile or ADN. Nylon 6/6 is used extensively to make automotive parts, as well as cable ties, power tools, nylons, fabric, fasteners and is used in numerous industrial applications. Nylon 6/6 provides the best mix of process-ability, performance and value for the price for these applications.
Damage to ADN Processing Plants
Firstly, … Read more