Vented Plastic Screws in Vacuum Systems

Vented Screws
Plastic vented screws are often used in vacuum systems. They either have a hole drilled through their axis or along the side of the screw.  This hole allows the evacuation of trapped pockets of air and surface contaminates from blind-tapped holes. A bind-tapped hole is one that is drilled to a specified depth without breaking through the other side of the work piece. 
Vacuum Systems in HV, and UHV
Vented screws allow for faster and more efficient pump-down of High Vacuum (HV), … Read more

vented plastic screws for vaccum system applications

Vespel®: The Aerospace Material

DuPont Vespel® Polyimide
Vespel® is the DuPont trade name for a group of materials used to make a wide variety of components. These include fasteners such as screws, flat washers, hex nuts, hex head cap screws, etc. Vespel® is used to make custom parts such as valve seals, thrust washers, pintle tips and actuator guide bushings.   It is a high performance plastic used principally in the semiconductor, aerospace and in transportation applications.  In this blog we will focus on the use of Vespel® in the aerospace industry.  … Read more

Vespel The Aerospace Material

Isoplast® 40% long glass TPU: Hex Head Cap Screws, Hex Nuts and Custom Parts

Isoplast® 40% long glass TPU is an injection molding grade of thermoplastic polyurethane. It is a rigid thermoplastic polyurethane and is used to make fasteners such as hex head cap screws, flanged hex head cap screws and hex nuts as well as many custom products. The color of the natural material is off-white. It is also commonly dyed dark gray. It is one of the strongest plastic materials available.  Isoplast® 40% long glass TPU has replaced steel in some applications.  … Read more

Isoplast® 40% long glass TPU

Ultem® PEI (polyetherimide): Custom Parts and Fasteners

Ultem® PEI is a semi-transparent high temperature plastic. It is used to make custom parts as well as fasteners such as screws, hex nuts, washers, threaded studs and spacers. It can be both molded and machined. Ultem® hardware is also available in glass-filled grades for enhanced strength and stiffness. (Glass-filled grades are opaque.) Ultem® 1000 is the natural grade and Ultem® 2300 is the glass-filled grade.
Ultem® PEI Properties:
It is an amorphous plastic. … Read more