10 Great Reasons to Choose Plastic Bearings

For industries looking for a plastic engineering design approach that is cost-effective as well as innovative, plastic bearing may be the solution. 
The bearing industry leverages different materials for the manufacture of diverse bearing components and plastic is one of the most prominent among them. The plastic materials go through a series of processing so that the performance as well as life is maximized through obtaining desirable properties. … Read more

Delrin Plastic Bearings

Plastic Manufacturing: Past, Present, and Future

History of Plastic Manufacturing
Plastics have indeed come a long way since their creation by Alexandre Parkes in the form of Parkesine, a cellulose based semi- synthetic thermoplastic substance. Although Parkesine gradually became obsolete owing to soaring development costs, plastic manufacturing continued unabated and the world witnessed the advent of synthetic resin, cellophane wrap, rayon fabric, polyethylene PVC (polyvinyl chloride), and many others. Soon, we were inundated with bottles, cups, … Read more

Craftech’s Plastic Fasteners Used in Products for the Blind

A long time Craftech customer, the American Printing House for the Blind (APH) in Louisville, KY has been making products for blind students since 1858. The company started with a single printing press that produced tactile books.  In 1879, the federal Act to Promote the Education of the Blind designated APH as the official source of educational texts and aids for legally blind students throughout the United States-a mandate which continues to the present. … Read more

10 American Inventions that Revolutionized Manufacturing

With July 4th just around the corner, I decided to do a list of American inventions that had a strong impact on manufacturing.  Happy 238th Birthday, USA!
Interchangeable Parts
Before interchangeable parts, machines were made from scratch and did not conform to any universal standard. This made both production and repair of machinery time consuming and difficult. Interchangeable parts in machinery were invented by Eli Whitney, most famous for his invention of the cotton gin.  … Read more

What is CNC machining?

Today, it seems like every machine that once operated without the benefit of CNC machining has now been retrofitted with servo motors and some kind of programmable controller or computer. So how did parts get made before CNC (computer numerically controlled) machinery arrived on site?
Well, once upon a time, or shall we say 50 years ago or more, transistors did not exist. Then, in the early 60’s, transistor radios became more and more must-have gadgets.  … Read more