The Ultimate Checklist for Buying Plastic Fasteners

So, you’re looking to buy some plastic fasteners You have a few manufacturing companies in mind and you’re ready to start requesting quotes.
How can you make sure you get all the information you need?  What questions should you be asking?  Don’t worry, that feeling of uncertainty is why we’ve put together this handy checklist for you.
Many prospective customers come to Craftech not knowing exactly what they’re looking for.  Maybe they need a certain size plastic screw but don’t know what head it needs to have.  … Read more

30 Inspirational Quotes About Plastic Engineering

Let’s face it, the world of plastic engineering can often be challenging.  With so many different plastics and grades available, sometimes our projects don’t quite work out the way we want them to.  Too much choice isn’t always a good thing!
Yet, when I look back at the history of tooling and engineering, I am truly inspired by all the work that has been accomplished.  Looking forward, I’m also excited about all the new technologies coming into play today.  … Read more

Why PEEK Material is at the Top of Its Class

PEEK is one of the most popular high performance plastic materials currently on the market.  But what makes PEEK such a dynamic material?
PEEK or Polyetheretherketone refers to a semi-crystalline organic polymer thermoplastic exhibiting a highly stable chemical structure, which gives it an edge over other materials. It is a member of the Polyaryletherketone or PAEK polymer group. There are exclusive PEEK properties which make this material find numerous applications in various industries. … Read more

Buzzwords, De-buzzed: 10 Plastic Manufacturing Terms

For non-engineers, plastic manufacturing terms can be confusing.  Plastics are popular because of their diverse useful properties.
Plastic fasteners and components are used in many different industries including boating, aerospace, military, OEM, automotive, semiconductor, and many more.  Plastic material properties vary widely even from one grade to another of the same plastic.  There are plastic manufacturing terms that are used to describe and discuss the many variations found in plastic properties.  … Read more

Bees Shop for Plastic Hardware

If you are shopping for plastic hardware for your business, you might be surprised to learn that urban bees are also now using plastic to build their hives.
We often talk about the wide use of plastic in modern life and how plastic can be environmentally friendly on the blog. Even knowing how widely used plastic hardware is, we had not realized that even bees are using plastic for construction until now.Read more