Why You ABSOLUTELY MUST TEST High Performance Plastics

Many customers come to Craftech with a need for fasteners made from high performance plastics that can stay strong even when exposed to multiple stress factors.  These stress factors include high and low temperatures, large torque or loads, and exposure to acidic or basic vapors, to name a few. While Craftech is always ready to provide guidance and support to engineers looking for the right high performance plastic, I cannot emphasize enough the importance of testing plastic parts in your application and environment.  … Read more

Top 5 Materials for Plastic Fasteners and Components: A Review

Plastic fasteners and components come in many different flavors.   If you’re new to the world of plastic, sifting through the thousands of different plastic materials and grades may seem like a daunting task.  So to give you a jump start on the process, we’ve sampled the five most popular materials for plastic fasteners.
Here are our unflinching, open-eyed reviews:
1)     NYLON
Nylon components are some of the most popular available.Read more

6 Reasons You Should Make Plastic Hardware Your Valentine This Year

Plastic hardware? Metal hardware? Or hardware made from some exotic ceramic alloy?  With thousands of materials available, choosing the right one for your industry and project can be a confusing process.  How do you wade through all the options to ensure that you pick a material that gives you the best value?
While every kind of material can be useful depending on the application, at Craftech we’re a little partial to plastic hardware.  … Read more

“Nylon fasteners, please, and make it a double!”

Oh, Nylon…the material of choice for so many.  Invented in the early 1930’s by chemical giant DuPont, this trusty polymer is still an outstanding material for a wide variety of applications.  Nylon is so well known that it tends to be the default choice for many first-time customers who are new to the vast world of plastics.  Although nylon may seem like a safe multipurpose material pick, one must always carefully consider the requirements of a project when choosing a material for plastic fasteners. … Read more

Top 5 Reasons to Use Plastic Marine Fasteners

Considering using plastic fasteners in your marine, aquaculture, and boating applications? Here are some reasons we’d take plastics over metals under water any day:
1) Got rust?
All metals except gold, platinum, and palladium will corrode. In wet and salty conditions, metal develops an iron oxide film (rust). Rust is active and accelerates corrosion, weakening the fastener.
2) Stainless steel isn’t stainless.
Stainless steel is created by adding chromium to regular steel. … Read more