PEEK Medical Implants

Medical Implants
PEEK or polyetheretherketone is a high performance, engineered plastic. It is one of the materials of choice for spinal implants as well as trauma fixation. Trauma fixation is the repair of broken bones or any bodily injury that can result from force or violence applied to the human body. It is also used for cardiovascular implants as well as in orthopedic surgery and dentistry. While in the past, metals such as titanium have often been used for these purposes, … Read more

PEEK in Medical Applications

How to Choose the Best Plastic Manufacturing Supplier

Plastics are greatly in demand nowadays.  Many industries, including medical, aerospace, marine, and construction may use plastic components or even raw plastic resins in the manufacture of their products.  In order to ensure a steady supply source, it is important to cultivate a strong relationship with a competent plastic manufacturer.  If you are a purchaser, you probably understand well the importance of securing high quality product in a timely and cost efficient manner.Read more

Ultem® PEI Screws, Hex Bolts, Custom Parts and Other Fasteners

Ultem® PEI (polyetherimide)
Ultem® PEI is a semi-transparent high temperature plastic. It is used to make custom parts as well as fasteners such as screws, hex nuts, washers, threaded studs and spacers. It can be both molded and machined. Ultem® hardware is also available in glass-filled grades for enhanced strength and stiffness. (Glass-filled grades are opaque.) Ultem® 1000 is the natural grade and Ultem® 2300 is the glass-filled grade.
Ultem® PEI Properties:
It is an amorphous plastic. … Read more

Teflon® (PTFE) Screws, Hex Huts, Hex Head Cap Screws, Other Fasteners and Custom Parts

Teflon® (PTFE) Fasteners
Teflon® (PTFE) is fabricated into fasteners.  These include screws, hex nuts, hex head cap screws, flat washers etc. It is also used to fabricate custom parts.  However, this material can only be turned, or made into parts on a CNC machine. It can also be compression molded. But it cannot be injection molded.  It is not a thermoplastic.
These fasteners and custom parts are used in applications where high heat and chemical resistance are required.  … Read more


Polyethylene Biodegraded by Wax Worms

Plastic Bag Waste in the Oceans
Over three trillion single use plastic bags are produced every year. Much of them find their way into our oceans. A large majority of these bags are made of polyethlene (PE). Polyethylene is a strong plastic that takes decades to break down. But it may be that the lowly wax worm can offer a solution to this massive problem.
Photo of Plastic Waste Around the Neck of Sea Turtle
Wax Worms
Wax worms are commercially grown as food for humans in areas where meat is not readily available. … Read more