Top 5 Materials for Plastic Bearings Used on Metal Surfaces

Plastic bearings are very popular for use on metal surfaces.  Plastics offer many advantages over other common bearing materials.  Plastics are extremely corrosive resistant and most are chemically resistant.   Plastic bearings do not transfer heat to other areas of the mechanical assembly.  Many plastics are even self-lubricating and therefore eliminate the possibility of failures from lack of maintenance.
Although many different types of plastics have properties which make them suitable for bearing applications, … Read more

Improving Quality Control with the Deming Cycle

Continuing our series on quality control systems, this blog post will focus on the system known as the Deming cycle.  Originally developed by Dr. W. Edwards Deming in the mid-1900’s, the Deming cycle is also known as the Shewhart cycle, the control circle or cycle, or plan-do-study-act (PDSA).
The Deming cycle is a four-step management method used in business for the quality control and continuous improvement of processes and products.  The system is used as the basis criteria for many quality control certificates, … Read more

Everything You Need to Know About Plastic Stamping

Craftech is pleased to announce that we now offer plastic stamping products.  But what is plastic stamping?  Read on to find out!
What is plastic stamping?
The plastic tamping process involves the utilization of a conventional or high-speed punch press of varying tonnages as well as a set of dies that enable a shape to be punched from a strip of extruded plastic sheet or other non-metallic substance.  … Read more

What is AS9100?

Craftech staff met with a consultant this week to learn about the qualification process for AS9100.  We began the certification process at the beginning of March.  This qualification process will build on the work we already did to become ISO 9001 certified.  In qualifying for AS9100, we will be proving that our products are high quality enough to be used in aviation and defense equipment.  Pretty exciting!  I’ll be sharing information with you, the reader, … Read more

Top 4 Chemical Resistant Plastics

The Four Top Chemical Resistant Plastics
Many common engineering applications call for fasteners made from chemical resistant plastics.  Not all plastics hold up well in extreme environments.  The engineer needs to be sure that his fasteners will last as long as the rest of his materials.  You should always do testing to ensure that you make the right material for your specific application. However,  … Read more