Isoplast® 40% long glass TPU is an injection molding grade of thermoplastic polyurethane. It is a rigid thermoplastic polyurethane and is used to make fasteners such as hex head cap screws, flanged hex head cap screws and hex nuts as well as many custom products. The color of the natural material is off-white. It is also commonly dyed dark gray. It is one of the strongest plastic materials available.  Isoplast® 40% long glass TPU has replaced steel in some applications.  It is used in a wide variety of industries including cable tray systems, medical equipment, wireless antenna, grating, bucket trucks, antenna concealment and aqua pods for commercial fish farming.


  • UV Resistant  
  • Ozone Resistant
  • Excellent Tensile Strength
  • Chemical Resistance
  • UL V-0
  • Abrasion Resistance
  • High Durability and Flexibility
  • High Elongation at Break
  • God Load Bearing Capability
  • Recyclable
  • Water and Sea Water Resistant
  • Non-conductive


  • Not acid or alkaline resistant
  • Will swell if exposed to aromatic hydrocarbon.
  • Also swells when exposed to aliphatic hydrocarbons.

Isoplast® 40% long glass TPU Used in Many Applications:

Medical Equipment

Isoplast® 40% long glass TPU is used in laboratory equipment and pharmaceutical manufacturing equipment for the purification of water among other applications.  It is water, ozone and chemically resistant.

Bucket Trucks

Telephone, cable and power companies use bucket trucks to install and repair wire. These trucks are also used to cut or trim trees as well as for other purposes. Isoplast® 40% long glass TPU performs well in these applications as it is strong, non-conductive, has excellent load bearing characteristics and is weather proof.

Cable Tray Systems

Cable tray systems are used in hospitals, schools, distribution centers, chemical plants, marinas, pulp and paper desalination facilities, theme parks, aquariums, retail stores and other buildings.  The cable tray systems allow for easy installation of wiring and cable above ceilings or under floors. Parts provide superior chemical resistance (PH of 2-14), strength, flame resistance, corrosion resistance, and UV protection. They will perform in environments where metal parts fail. Products made from Isoplast® 40% long glass TPU include hex head cap screws, hex nuts, flanged hex head cap screws, hangers, pipe clamps, channel nuts, rod couplers and other products


Isoplast® 40% long glass TPU grating is used to cover sewer and drainage channels in the floors of buildings such as sewer treatment facilities and car washes, etc.  The grating is injection molded.  Isoplast® 40% long glass TPU is chemically resistant, very strong, will not rust, is abrasion resistant, and does not deteriorate in water making it an ideal material for grating.

Concealment Industry

Cell phone towers, broadcast towers and rooftop wireless antennas installations can be camouflaged to give then a more pleasing appearance. Towers and antennas installations can be hidden using signage as well as all kinds of  rooftop structures, clock and bell towers, flag poles, palm trees,  pine trees, etc.  Fasteners and custom parts made from Isoplast® 40 % long glass TPU are particularly suited for use in construction of these camouflage installations.  Isoplast® 40% long glass TPU is very high in tensile strength, is UV resistant, weather resistant so it will not rust., has good load bearing capability and high durability and flexibility.


Ocean Farm Technologies is the developer of the Aquapod™, a fish farming containment system.  The company installs Aquapods™ around the world.  The Aquapod™ is constructed of individual triangle net panels fastened together in a spheroid shape.

Originally Made with Galvanized Steel

The Aquapod™ was designed to serve as a secure containment system for fish in the open sea.  It is designed to resist strong sea weather while fully or partially submerged. The Aquapod was orginally designed using galvanized steel.  All metals rust when exposed to water.  Steel also has difficulty resisting the saltwater and UV rays present in marine environments.  After some experimentation with other high performance plastics, OFT switched to Isoplast® 40% long glass TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane) parts and hasn’t looked back. 

Isoplast® 40% Long Glass TPU

Isoplast® 40% long glass TPU is one of the strongest high performance plastics with a tensile strength of 29,977 PSI or 186 MPa.  It is resistant to a variety of chemicals and environmental hazards including the salt water and UV rays present in the oceans.  TPU also has very low water absorption, therefore it can withstand submersion in water for long periods. 

Cost Effective Repairs

In the original model of the Aquapod™, the steel fixtures would corrode over time.  The corrosion made it difficult to remove any of the pod’s panels for repair.  Technicians would have to cut into the corroded steel, a difficult task when working in the ocean. Since Isoplast® 40% long glass TPU fasteners do not rust or corrode they are easily removed with wrenches even after many years spent underwater. Therefore repairs are easier and more cost effective to make.

Craftech currently manufactures vinyl ester rod and a variety of TPU fasteners for use in the Aquapod™.  The vinyl ester rod is used in the frame of the pod.  Once the frame has been constructed, Ocean Farm Technologies uses Craftech’s Isoplast® long glass TPU hardware to fasten the structure together.

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