Download craftech’s plastic manufacturing glossary

What is tensile strength anyway?  What about Young’s Modulus?  What’s the difference between a copolymer, a homopolymer, and a monomer?  This complimentary glossary will provide you with definitions for all the engineering and plastics-specific terms you need to know in order to develop a deeper understanding of plastic manufacturing.

With the Glossary, you will:

  • Learn how to read mechanical properties charts.  Make sure you are finding the information you need by first understanding engineering “lingo.”
  • Develop a deeper understanding of the different kinds of plastics and their properties.

Maybe you know all these terms already?  Keep this Glossary close by in case you need to look something up quickly.  Don’t waste time searching through a huge engineering dictionary.

Craftech will never sell or give away your information.  We ask for your information for our own internal purposes.

Different types of nuts

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